Sumec Navigator 3.2Kva Generator With Key & Timer Switch NG3990E

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Navigator generator is a strong and durable generator with 100% It comes with a timer switch that helps you to regulate how many hours you want Your Generator To Work And It Will Stop AutomaticallyNow you can time your generator and go to bed peacefully without having to monitor your fuel levels.
This new technology by Sumec, manufacturers of Sumec Firman and Firman brands is a 100% copper petrol generator with low fuel consumption and excessively low noise levels.The application of timer switch on generators is a great invention since generator was introduced into the world! It will bring much life convenience and joy to people’s life! You can set running time (2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs and 8hrs) as you want when you go to bed, so that the generator switches off automatically when time is up
With special-designed mega tank, you can add much more fuel than the ordinary generators in the market, and you can enjoy much longer running time. On average, for same output, you can enjoy 5 extra hours with NAVIGATOR generators. With special Inner-Dual-Fold (IDF) muffler, NAVIGATOR’s noise is much less than the traditional generators available


  • AC frequency; 50HZ
  • Rated AC voltage; 220V
  • Surge AC output; 3.2KVA
  • Rated AC output; 2.9 KVA
  • Voltage Regulation; AVR
  • Phase; Single Phase
  • Engine type; Single cylinder 4 stroke, OHV Air cooled
  • Power Factor; 1
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