Qasa Wall Mount Stabilizer. Model AVR Pro 1.5HP


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Product detailsQasa wall Mount  Stabilizer Model AVR pro 1.5HP is good for 1HP and 1.5HP Air Condition  and other home electronics. It stabilize current from 100V which makes your AC work effectively with low voltage. It comes with motorized coil that helps control voltage fluctuations. It has 2 digital display meters showing input and output voltage. It is also good for other household appliances like Fridge, Freezer, Washing machine, sound system and many more.SpecificationsKey FeaturesPick Up from 100VFor AC up to 1.5HPOverload and Overheat ProtectionStabilize and maximize your AC’s efficiencyVery urable Automatic Voltage Regulator SpecificationsSKU: QA791EL1394FBNAFAMZColor: WhiteModel: Model AVR pro 1.5HPWeight (kg): 5.4

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