Maxi 20EK 2.5kVa Generator

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Key Features
Rated power: 2 KW
Max power: 2500 W
KVA Rating: 2.5 KVA
Max output: 6.5hp / 3600rmp
Tank capacity: 15 L
Elegant design
AVR voltage regulator
EK (Electric starter/ Manual starter)
100% Copper coil

NOTE: before use, refill up the tank with fuel and gauge its oil tank before use.


This product is an engineered design for power supply in your homes, offices, event places etc, in these times of power insurgency this product is the best for you, it can last up to long hours with low or lesser fuel consumption, its sound production is relatively low, this product is of a portable build which minimizes space to be kept, this product features 100% copper coil, it can be used to power up your appliances such as refrigerator, television, home theaters, etc.

This product can relatively power up a one self contained home with appliances such as medium sized refrigerator or freezer, Television (24”, 32”, ……50”) and charge your little home devices.

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