Fridge Guard 13Amp


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DMARC TV GUARD protects your gadgets and devices (television, printing machines, dvd/decoders, mobile phones etc.) from Voltage fluctuations, which has a wait time of 5seconds. This TV Guard eliminates/prevents risks relating to electricity surges or irregular power supply which also includes frequent power interruption that occurs from frequent switching off and on of power source. this DMARC TV GUARD ensures that your homes and office appliances are absolutely safe. TV Guard automatically reconnects after 5 seconds when it is good and disconnects when its bad. It is simply and absolutely for power protection against Voltage surges or fluctuations.

  • Current rating             13 Amps
  • Nominal Voltage         220/240V
  • Wait time                    5Seconds
  • Disconnect Voltage    250V
  • Protects your Electronic equipment against
    • High voltage
    • Power back surge
    • spikes/surges
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