Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 5000VA


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Century 5KVA Stabilizer is an Automatic Voltage Regulator with several levels of voltage stabilization which  provides a targeted response to under-voltages, over-voltages and severe brown-outs.  It corrects brown-outs as low as 100V and over-voltages as high as 270V to a safe 220V output power. The surge suppression feature helps to prevent even the strongest surges from damaging your valuable electronic appliances. It ‘s advanced micro-processor control unit ensures comprehensive protection of connected appliances from high current, low current and short-circuit.  This AVR also features overload and over-heat protection. compact cabinet makes it easy to integrate into a wide range of applications: television, refrigerators, desktop computer, home theaters and more.


  • Outstanding output regulation
  • Automatic protection function
  • Output delay function
  • Frequency adaptive

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