Frequently Asked Questions

How does the installment pay work?

The installment pay scheme works in such we have available plans, which are the 3 months plan, 6 months plan and 12 months plan. In the 3 months plan, 10% interest rate is added to the amount of your total carted products, of which amount eligible for the 3 months installment payment plan is a sum of 120,000.00 and above of total amount of products carted, as such your total amount will divided equally into three, as at which you pay for your total carted products three times, once every month till you complete your total payment, and failure to meet up, an additional week will be given for free for you to redeem your products, if by the end you do not meet up with your payments an additional 3% interest will be added per month to your remaining balance, and this will continue for two months, and if you are not able to complete your payments within the extra two months, a refund will be made back to you.

And this remains the same with the 6 months and 12 months, at which the interest rate for 6 months installment plan 13% and total carted amount eligible is the sum of 300,000.00 and above. While for the 12 months plan is 15% interest increment and total carted amount eligible is the sum of 500,000.00 and above.

How many days does it take for delivery?

Our delivery takes up to a number of 5 to 10 working days

How many does it take for delivery of furniture’s?

Our delivery for furniture’s takes up to 7 to 14 working days

Do we play the role of consultants?

We offer consultant service and contractor for your large scale projects, kindly call the customer care for such purpose and requirements.

Do we offer installation?

We also offer installation services in regards to our products/services, kindly call the customer care for such purpose and requirements.

How do I know the measurements of area?

Most of our products and services require the measurement of the area you want to install such products, such as our window blinds, Rugs, Synthetic grass carpets and a lot more, and which our measurements are all calibrated to feet. So all you have to do is do your measure using a feet tape and input the length and width of such measurement in the required spaces made available.                                                                                                 If your measurement is in meter, kindly divide your value by 3.3 to get the value in feet.                                                          If your measurement is in inches, kindly multiply your value with your calculator by 12 to get or convert your value to feet.

How do I pay my next installment?

  • Go to your Account Profile
  • Click on My Payment
  • Once you click on My Payments, you will see your payment status
  • Then you click on View of the particular product number or category and at which the payment will clearly be stated In Progress

  • Next, you click on the product title of the particular one you want to pay the next installment for.

  • Then you choose your method of payment, either pay via card or transfer to the account displayed.

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